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Can you remember the last time you quenched your spiritual thirst?

The last time you felt yourself coming alive, gathered together with like-spirited folk?
It could have been yesterday, or it could have been decades past. You probably aren’t looking to go back to any kind of formalized, institution, or maybe you’re so embedded in your institution that you just need a fresh drink from an outside source.
This place is for you…
We’re creating a safe place for you to:
* Have meaningful conversations *
* Build community with a diverse group of amazing folk *
* Explore new spiritual practices and concepts *
* Drink deeply of your own Spiritual Well *

Wherever you come from…

If you’re willing to drink…

You are welcome at The Well

What do you mean by Keeping The Well?

Keeping the Well is a spiritual practice for those of us who care about carving out meaningful sacred spaces in our daily lives.

We’re trying to build something beautiful here. A place to be heard, to be safe, to be known, and to explore spiritual questions and conversations with others who are inspiring and inspired. We believe that the Spirit is with Everyone, and is longing to lead us into a deeper Flow of the Source in our lives.

In the Well, we will have a private conversation area, with curated topics and reflections, but also opportunities for you to shape and direct the conversation. There may be facilitators, but this group…


It’s a place for you to ask the questions that come up when your world gets kaflooey (yes, that’s a real word). It’s a place to talk to scientists and artists and writers and spiritual elders and spiritual youngers. It may be digital, but it’s thoroughly

We keep you safe.
We’re not going to put you in a room full of trolls.
We’re facilitating this space to keep everyone safe and known – and all of the facilitators are trained in these sorts of things.
The people you meet in The Well will probably be like you – maybe shell-shocked, maybe recovering, maybe just looking for something fresh, flourishing, or life-giving.

We know that a lot of you come here wounded, spinning adrift, and if we’re really honest with ourselves…


You’re done with the way things have been, you’re done with “religion as usual.” You’re desperate to try something new.

So this private, self-hosted conversation is your place.


We also will have resources available for you: videos, podcasts, articles, reflections, meditations… and if there’s something you’re needing from a spiritual community that we’re not providing, let us know and we’ll see if we can make it happen. We want to make sure that you’re feeding your spirit – just like you feed your body, mind, and soul.

We want to give you the option to connect with others in your area – so in the back-end, our facilitators will be playing “match-maker” to help you get to know those people that could show up for you in those crisis moments – or the sacramental everyday moments that you want to share.

For those willing to commit just a little bit more, we’ll also have carefully selected small groups of people in different stages of spiritual life but again – playing match-maker – with the aim of helping you build meaningful relationships. We’ll have special email newsletters and archives, and for those who are in transition or need some specialized one-to-one attention, we have an enormous network of spiritual directors and coaches ready and eager to hold sacred space for you while you take the next step of your spiritual journey.

If you’re like us, you spend all your time online or on your phone connecting with people anyway.

So, why not partner with that impulse to build out a meaningful spiritual practice?

You want a place to ask the deep questions that are on your mind. If you’re a “Keeper” of other people’s wells, perhaps you’re needing a safe place to explore new ideas. You want to connect with other “Keepers” who are trying radical and innovative new things with the deep desire to see people connect to Source in meaningful, significant ways. Maybe you’re exhausted after taking such beautiful, loving care of so many, and just need a place to receive the Goodness that comes from other Keepers.

You are homesick for a place you’ve never been. You might have cried during Moana thinking about getting back out on the water, voyaging, and discovering. You have probably left behind a spiritual tradition that left you reeling or wounded, and are desperate for connection and sustaining presence of other folk on a similar journey.
Come on in to explore, to adventure, and to find your way with others…

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