You live, work, and play online…

Why not deepen your spiritual life and practice as well?

 Join us to be inSpired – originally meaning to put the Spirit “in” you. Let’s develop spiritual practices and cultivate spiritual community. Some of us are so tired of hunting for that one physical community that will tick all our boxes, that will help us feel safe to explore and grow and deepen our connections to others along the spiritual Way. We just want a place to belong. To KNOW others and BE KNOWN.

We are creating this place for you to…
۞ Have meaningful conversations ۞
۞ Build community with a diverse group of amazing folk ۞
۞ Explore new spiritual practices and concepts ۞
۞ Drink deeply of your own Spiritual Well ۞


Circling Up… Virtually and Locally…

  • Monthly virtual gatherings with other like-spirited folks

  • Local meetups and soul-friend “match-making” for deeper connections on the daily

  • Share love and connection

  • Knowing and Be Known

The idea is that a group of about 8-10 is ideal for meaningful, thought-provoking and life changing interaction and spiritual transformation. In these virtual gatherings over video conferencing software, you’ll meet people face-to-face and have talks together. We’ll learn ways to hold sacred space for one another, listening to each other’s stories, and being present to one another. I’ll connect you with people further along and people just starting out – but we’ll all learn together that we have something to learn from Every. Single. Person we encounter here in this space.

This is honestly the most valuable part of this community.

I’m planning to play match-maker a little bit and begin connecting some of you amazing people who live close to each other. Most of y’all know me… and I’ve had calls or emails or texts from many of you in crisis. We’ve been devastated that I was literally on the other side of the planet – or even just up the coast and too broke to travel. Wouldn’t it be amazing if you knew there was someone who could be that person for you – who only maybe lived 30-45 minutes away? I think it would. And normally, there’s synergy when we can connect in the local. Because so and so will more than likely know someone else who would be a great personality match.

So Circles are all about sharing love and connection and story and KNOWING and BEING KNOWN… and being understood and feeling safe to be vulnerable and authentic and real. 

I honestly can’t tell you anything I personally value more – it’s why I feel like it’s the best possible way to be a part of what we’re doing.

Be a part of a broader conversation with others that are similarly inSpired…

We’re building out a custom chat platform just for you – think Slack or Ryver meet their awesome artist auntie who gives the platform a facelift and a couple other custom tweaks to make it super special and easy-to-use for our purposes. Within this platform we’ll have topical discussions and also the ability for small group chats, one-to-one private messages, and more.

Our platform will allow for meaningful and ongoing dialogue with people across the globe and multiple time zones.

  • Guided discussion with skilled facilitators

  • A safe, protected environment for hard questions and wrestling for answers

  • Aesthetically pleasing and easy-to-use technology with ease of response and engagement


Get Informed and Educated… At your own pace, and with a diversity of perspectives.

We’re compiling (bit-by-bit) a resource library of not just articles, blog posts, and other things that we think you might find useful… but also multi-media like audio and podcast, video, and more.

Your beginning membership gains you complete, 100% access to the library.

Let’s learn together!

Texts, emails, encouragement… making your day brighter.

Regular emails – right to your inbox. About spiritual things. Encouraging things. Beautiful things. Dreamy things. Love Things.

Sometimes videos? Sometimes lots of wordy words.

Sometimes? Guest posts and cool perspectives from people that aren’t me – because I know a BOATLOAD of truly awesome and amazing people.

Extra ones for Keepers Invest a little extra to get regular text messages, too – like little love boosts straight from my heart (or one of our other amazing facilitators) to yours.

Just think about it… wouldn’t you want to get a regularly encouraging word about your life and circumstance? I would. I’m gonna get right on that.

Everybody needs it, so few of us go for it… One to One direction and coaching.

Let’s be real. Not everyone really needs this intense level of spiritual engagement. But when you’re in it… or even when you’re out of it and trying to make sense of it or deconstruct or even just learn that – NO, not all spiritual people are horrible beings, and NO, not all pastors, and NO, not all .

We somehow have this thing that sticks us in it. And it makes us need to come through it. Don’t get stuck in the tunnel of spiritual confusion.

Or, hey. Maybe I’ve got it all wrong… Maybe you *are* through it already and you are FINALLY ready to rebuild. If that’s you? You probably need this, too. Because we all need help from those that have gone before. We need those folks who listen to our story and hear the patterns and can discern the counterpoint and the harmonies and the instruments’ balances. We need those people who will learn the song in our heart and sing it back to us when we’ve forgotten the words.

Listen, it’s not for everyone at every point in their life. But it might be for you, at this point in your life. And if it is, there is honestly no better investment.

And can I just tell you how excited I am to connect you with one of my “Keepers” or spiritual directors or coaches? Do you have any idea how amazing these people are? Whether they’ve been a part of my own journey, or I’ve watched them with others, they are remarkable. And I pay these people good money to do good work with the money that you pay for your service. You’re helping these incredible rockstars of goodness and Tikkun Olam (restoration of the “Allness” of Creation) continue to do their amazing work. It’s like a win-win-win-win. You win, they win, I win, the world wins.

This is one case where everyone is winning ALL OVER THE PLACE

You’ll gain access to an extensive network of soulcare providers from a variety of faith traditions and with an enormous diversity of skillsets. Need a counselor? I’ve got a few to recommend. A spiritual director? Yep, those too. Life coach, spiritual coach? Business coach? Yep. Lots of those. One of the glorious benefits of having cultivated relationships with incredible people is that I get to share them. Your membership not only gets you access and a personal “match-making” opportunity, but also a discount on their normal rate. This is worth the cost of your membership right here. 

Terms & Conditions of Use

Right folks… Let me be fully honest and straightforward with you.

This is no joke, not me being snarky or playing around. I love all that, I really do. But this place needs to be safe. So here are some pretty significant ground rules for who we are and what we do.

Any violations of these Terms and Conditions are grounds for immediate removal from the group, forfeiting any current or advance payment.

  1. No Trolling: We are kind, conscientious, and we speak with compassion and thought. We are allowed to disagree, but any name-calling, racial, ethnic, gender, ableist, etc slurs will simply not be tolerated. You will have one initial warning followed by a conversation with facilitators. If it happens a second time, you will be suspended for one month. If you wish to return after one month, you will be monitored by a facilitator for one month to ensure kindness. We have to remember that these are REAL people with REAL hearts, souls, spirits.
  2. Be yourself: There’s a reason I ask for a real photo of yourself. I like the artsy ones, or the ones of my kids as well. But we are here to be seen, to be known, to be heard, to be authentic. So speak your truth. Show us your face. Be here, be present, be known. Please do notimpersonate or try to impersonate another person; disclose your password to anyone else; allow anyone else to use your account; use anyone else’s account. We’re building trust and vulnerability. We aren’t keeping secrets, but we are keeping each other safe. We have a “privacy policy” so you know how we handle your info.
  3. You do not have to LIKE everyone, but you MUST be kind to everyone and show them love in this space. Love is a verb and a choice, not a feeling. I’m not saying we’re all going to be some crazy swinging circle – that’s for your outside lives. This is a place where we encounter the RADICAL, transforming love of the Source and it flows out from us towards one another. You don’t have to be Mother Theresa… but you have to choose love.
  4. Assume best intentions. We are all doing our best. No one is here to hurt anyone else intentionally. If you are having a hard time understanding someone else’s motivations, try this phrase in a reply to them… “Can you help me understand what you mean by ? This is what I understood: but I’m not sure I’m following.”
  5. If you have a conflict with someone… GO TO THEM. First, before it festers. Try to be honest. If you need help, talk to a facilitator. We are here to help you make things right with each other and to help keep everyone safe.
  6. T.H.I.N.K. before you comment: Is it Thoughtful, is it Helpful, is it Inspiring, is it Necessary, is it Kind
  7. Show up. If you’re part of a small group, try to be on time for the meeting. If you’re doing direction or coaching, honor their time. I am committed to showing up for you – but I also need to know that you’re in this. So let’s do this.
  8. You may not break the law – with the exception of spiritually oriented civil disobedience – using this platform. Please, do not plagiarize others or steal their artwork. Just ask for permission to use. This also, because of internet laws, means do not spam, do not post child pornography, and don’t defraud. Be stand-up kinda folk. We’ll support you in your #resistance if that’s part of you being you… but please talk with a facilitator if you feel that you need to use our tech to do so.

Some financial T&C (Including refund policy, etc)

  1. Requests to cancel subscription must be made no later than 10 days before billing date in order to ensure removal from our subscription service.
  2. No refunds can be made for partial months. If you are on a quarterly subscription, you may receive 60% of your price back if you cancel within 30 days, and 30% back if you cancel within 60 days. If you are on a yearly subscription, your refund will be pro-rated based on the number of total months in the community. Each month will be prorated at 6% of the purchase price.
  3. Subscriptions must be billed to a major credit card or debit card via our online payment gateway (Stripe or Elavon). You will receive a monthly receipt, but no invoice will be submitted prior to debit. It is your responsibility to ensure that there are funds in the account.
  4. NSF charges or bounced payments will be tried again after 3 business days. If, after 3 business days, there is still no successful payment, you will have 10 further business days to submit payment before your account is suspended.
  5. As there are limited spaces available for our premium tiers, non-payment is an implicit agreement that you are waiving your spot in those groups. We will not hold those spaces past 30 days of non-payment, and your spot will be relinquished to the next person on the waitlist.
  6. You may change your subscription at any time, recognizing that if you downgrade your account, you may not be able to automatically return to the same group until a new spot opens up.
Coming Soon... Learn about what we've got in development and dream stages!

I have a super techy husband. This is cool. He’s also one of those “seer” type folk… He can see tech trends before they are trendy. Which means that we’ll try to be on the cutting edge of technology for you. But we’ll also try to make it accessible. Here are some things we’re hoping to integrate as we move further into this…

  • Apps for iOS and Android (and Windows – if we get a request)
  • Webinar and Online Course catalog offerings from any of our folk (sorta like Udemy… but for spiritual purposes – mind you, we also believe in the integration of body, mind, soul, and spirit, so your spiritual course could be about vegan living… I don’t know… Remember how I said “you do you, boo“?)
  • Online store for things like selling artwork, music, writing, hippielicious bath/body products, random anointing oils – you name it, I’m happy to help you get it into happy hands.
  • “Map Yourself” – loading a map of all the WayFinders near you or in an area you’re going to visit
  • Meet ups – local gatherings when I come to visit your neck of the woods
  • Integrations with things like Twitter, Facebook, WordPress and more – so that you can share what you’re experiencing with the wider world
  • A turnkey approach to the tech so that we can package it and hand it off to you to enjoy with your other communities.

It’s all so very exciting!!

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