You come alive seeing others come alive...

You are passionate about the Flow of the Source...

You seem to always be on the cutting edge of things spiritually. That new, hip, trendy thing happening in other faith communities – you tried it a few years ago. Maybe it worked ok, but you also learned all the ways in which that new, hip, trendy thing is really just a reinvention of that other, old, been-there-done-that thing from about 200 years ago.  You feel like the people forging into the Wild West, encountering dangers and wild terrain and new cultures and communities (and praying you don’t do the damage all those cowboys did). You’re convinced that there is undiscovered country out there – “God’s Country” – and you are determined to discover it, and hopefully not alone.

At times you might feel like you’re beating your head against a wall – that you’re the battering ram being used to break through into that new territory. You might also feel completely alone – like it’s you and your little posse huddled around a fire in the great unknown, with nothing but wasteland and empty sky to keep you company. And maybe, when you meet another Pioneer, you breathe a little deeper, knowing that they get it – they get the excitement and the energy and the vision…
And they get the loneliness and deep heartache as well – when people don’t catch the vision, when people don’t want to go into new territory, when they are comfortable in the world that they know.

How would it feel to know you’re not alone?

You sense people’s distress and hardships. You have an extensive toolkit of resources to help people through a variety of challenges. You care about people’s health – body, mind, soul, spirit. You can recognize each of the dimensions of a person, and can sense disruptions in the equilibrium in each of them. You love to help bring balance back into people’s lives. You care about the whole system of being. You more concerned with a focus on living as a human being rather than a human “doing”. People regularly trust you with sensitive information, and you use it to help bring restoration to their lives. You often are a “first responder” and when crises happen, you are normally one of the first people that receives the call. You don’t just heal individuals, but you also care about reconciliation within communities. You are a person who heals relationships and restores hope. You have innovative approaches to bringing restoration, healing, and you are a treasure to your community for the critical role you play.

Maybe sometimes you feel like it’s hopeless – because you’ve given all of your hope away to others, and you keep seeing new wounded walk into your community. Maybe you are feeling exhausted and burnt out like an ER doctor, just wanting someone else to come in for a shift so that you can take your Sabbath rest and maybe get a nap. Or maybe, you really just want one day when you’re not putting out fires – or when you can take all the soul care needs that you prescribe to others and rain them down upon yourself.

How would it feel to connect with other techniques, other healers, and find a circle of shamans to bring healing to your own life?

You collect people. You know people in just about every sphere of influence you can imagine – and some you never even imagined before meeting them. Along the roads of life, you’ve often found yourself having soulful conversations with the most diverse of companions. You likely have hundreds – if not thousands – of Facebook friends, but the relationships didn’t happen overnight. You’ve got friends from pre-school, and friends from the coffee shop or park down the road that you met lask week. You had to have the “unlimited talk and text” plan decades ago, because you started maxing out your phone plan within the first 10 days of the month.

You might also like connecting like-minded people in the same space. You likely have the gift of hospitality and love to make people feel welcome. In your mind, including others and welcoming them in is just about the most sacred and holy thing you can do.

But maybe you also feel like it’s always you doing the inviting… maybe you’re exhausted with the effort of always connecting and holding strength and space as a bridge. Maybe you’d love someone else to prepare the meal or invite you out for something that they’re hosting. Maybe you feel the pull of a thousand friends needing connection and you’re not quite sure how to give them the connection they need.

How would it feel to have resources of connection at your fingertips – and a group of people that you don’t have to gather yourself – but who someone else is collecting on your behalf? How would it feel to know that someone else has thoughtfully and carefuly curated a group of folk just for the purpose of blessing you?

You are a natural born encourager. You see the gold in people, and could care less about the crap in their lives – unless it’s standing in their way. And then… you’re a ruthless eliminator of it. You believe in best intentions, and that people are always giving and doing their best – even if the best isn’t particularly helpful. You are determined to help people see themselves for the divinely-breathed, living embodiment of glory that they were created to be. You help people envision and articulate their dreams. Then you help them strategize and give them tools to go do just that.  You’re powerful, and empowering. You’re charismatic, and inspiring. You hold sacred space for people and encourage them to take the next step that they have – no matter how seemingly small. You give people faith that their next step is good enough.

You ruthlessly eliminate the lies of the Accuser. You speak truth and release life back into people and encourage them to live into their truth – and to become their truest self.

But maybe, your dreams take the back burner. Maybe you need accountability or inspiration or encouragement. Maybe you need someone pouring back into you all that passion and fire that you pour out into them.

How would it feel to have someone breathe life back into *your* dreams, and dreams back into *your* life? How would it feel to have a coach of your own, helping you replenish from the deepest places of your own well?

You’ve got skills. Group skills. Talking skills. Connecting skills. Dialogue skills. You know the difference between a good group discussion and a frustrating one. You don’t need to use a talking stick in your groups because you’ve learned how to empower the introverts and internal processors while not shutting down the extroverts or external processors. You’ve got a knack for getting the entire group engaged and excited about the conversation. You know what true open-ended questions are, and you have a wealth of them stored in your brain for an infinite variety of conversations.

Any time you go to a party, you’re connecting flows of conversations and making sure that the wall-flowers are feeling included. You see the lines drawn between people and enjoy seeing them drawn even closer together through positive engagement and interaction. You like authentic dialogue, where people are truly heard, seen, and known. You thrive when you are helping people understand and be understood. You can train, or you can teach, but you love to equip.

But maybe sometimes you feel overwhelmed with the burdern of staying on top of things. Of knowing All. The. Things. Maybe you feel like if that one time you don’t have the answer is going to be the one time that someone is going to have a life or death matter that will literally change the face of planet earth as we know it. Maybe you feel burdened because the information age has seemed to surpass wisdom and knowledge that come from experience and endurance.

How would it feel to have resources and other educators and facilitators at your fingertips?  How would it feel to have wisdom and knowledge be at the forefront of a community?

You see all the moving pieces, and like a chess board, know exactly which direction to move them in order to ensure success. You have a futuristic mindset, but you also have a mind for details. Your bird’s eye view allows you to see areas that aren’t working in communities and to provide helpful insight and instruction to leadership in order to move it forward. You can see the strengths and limitations of your friends and colleagues and utilize them based on those capacities in a way that doesn’t demean but rather empowers.

You sometimes feel like you can see the future before it happens. World events, trends in the economy or entertainment, they all innately make sense to you, and you normally anticipated it before it happened. Your friends might call you psychic or a “seer” but really, it’s just an insight and ability to look at the world that allows you to see patterns and flows. You like figuring out the puzzles and moving pieces into the right place.

You might feel like no one understands your vision or wants to hear about the way you see the world, but you know deep down that there is infinite value in the mountaintop view you provide. Maybe you feel a bit lonely at the top, like a voice crying out in the wilderness.

How would it feel to be a part of something where people didn’t just listen, but were *desperate* for the kind of insight that you could provide? Where your input would be a cherished part of a broader conversation, and not just an afterthought? How would it feel if you were given the map or the puzzle and given the freedom to go for it?

Are You Ready to Invest in Yourself and Your Community?

Think of this as your mental sanity, your daily encouragement, your collective of like-spirited folk who get you and what you’re trying to do.

This is an investment in you – professionally, personally, pastorally (or rabbinically, priestessally, etc). Treat it as one.

If you have a friend that you want to include, bring them along. We want this to be a meaningful cohort of people doing the challenging work of providing tools for people to drink deeply of their own wells.

Listen, I’ve been there. It’s exhausting when first a few, then dozens, then hundreds of people keep coming to you for a glass of water. All you want to do is say “You don’t need me! Let me show you your very own Well…”

You’re wanting to experiment, to try new things, but sometimes people look at you funny when you suggest it. Maybe you’re eager for a creative sounding board to figure out how to connect with the very people you’ll be connecting with in the WayFinder cohort. Perhaps you would really just like a place to listen, to learn, to sit at the feet of some wise Rabbis and Shamans and Those Who Have Gone Before in order to figure some things out. Maybe you’re just desperate for a coach or director to walk alongside you and ask the hard questions.

This space… it’s your toolkit.

You get access not just to the exclusive leaders cohort, but also to all of the benefits of the general forum – and the rich community we’re building there. We’ll also be sending out special monthly goodies (both tangible and intangible) – just for you.

Sound too good to be true? I promise you… it isn’t.

It's a small investment... $99/year

It adds up to less than $9 extra per month for the additional, exclusive leadership cohort, the bonus emails, and the specialized resources as a Keeper of the Well. Subscribe to whichever level suits your ability, and consider the added $79 an investment in spiritual R&D for your community.

And for the first 18 to sign up?

As a celebration of the Jewish number for life (“Chai”), I’m only asking $18 for the first year for this membership.

If, after the first year, you think it’s worth more, you can continue for $99.

If you don’t believe it’s worth the $99, you can keep your price of $18 for as long as you participate.

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