Are You Ready to Invest in Yourself and Your Community?

Think of this as your mental sanity, your daily encouragement, your collective of like-spirited folk who get you and what you’re trying to do.

This is an investment in you – professionally, personally, pastorally (or rabbinically, priestessally, etc). Treat it as one.

If you have a friend that you want to include, bring them along. We want this to be a meaningful cohort of people doing the challenging work of providing tools for people to drink deeply of their own wells.

Listen, I’ve been there. It’s exhausting when first a few, then dozens, then hundreds of people keep coming to you for a glass of water. All you want to do is say “You don’t need me! Let me show you your very own Well…”

You’re wanting to experiment, to try new things, but sometimes people look at you funny when you suggest it. Maybe you’re eager for a creative sounding board to figure out how to connect with the very people you’ll be connecting with in the WayFinder cohort. Perhaps you would really just like a place to listen, to learn, to sit at the feet of some wise Rabbis and Shamans and Those Who Have Gone Before in order to figure some things out. Maybe you’re just desperate for a coach or director to walk alongside you and ask the hard questions.

This space… it’s your toolkit.

You get access not just to the exclusive leaders cohort, but also to all of the benefits of the general forum – and the rich community we’re building there. We’ll also be sending out special monthly goodies (both tangible and intangible) – just for you.

Sound too good to be true? I promise you… it isn’t. 

It's a small investment... $99/year

It adds up to less than $9 extra per month for the additional, exclusive leadership cohort, the bonus emails, and the specialized resources as a Keeper of the Well. Subscribe to whichever level suits your ability, and consider the added $79 an investment in spiritual R&D for your community.

And for the first 18 to sign up?

As a celebration of the Jewish number for life (“Chai”), I’m only asking $18 for the first year for this membership.

If, after the first year, you think it’s worth more, you can continue for $99.

If you don’t believe it’s worth the $99, you can keep your price of $18 for as long as you participate.

Are You Ready to Invest in Yourself and Your Community?

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