Keeping the Well: an Invitation to Spiritual Flourishing

Here is what a participant can expect:

  • The program will run from April 1 – July 31.
  • Each participant will get 30 minutes of personal “pastoring” or “coaching” on any issue they choose per month.
  • Email spiritual reflections will be sent out once per week to keep your spiritual juices flowing.
  • Access to a private FB group to reflect on what we are all discussing
  • Access to an exclusive chatroom via Slack for more deep conversations
  • There will be four 90 minute video group calls via Zoom to connect with others on the journey and touch base in community (if you’d like to see my research on the importance of community for success and happiness, I’d be happy to share!). These will have a lovely integration of meditation, sharing, encouragement, and tools for the journey.

The program will obviously give back what people put into it. So the more committed and engaged our participants, the better for everyone. The ideal participant is someone who:

  • Is looking to “level up” spiritually but doesn’t feel like they have the tools
  • Is longing for accountability, wisdom and support,
  • Values sacred spaces
  • Is willing to honor the sacred in others
  • Values the strength and power of growing in community. 

I’m asking that people who commit agree to show up for each of the monthly group calls. 

Call #1: Identity - "You're Perfect... Just as You Are."

Do you ever wonder if you’re a mistake, or somehow you’ve missed it? Do you wonder about the dreams you have or the desires you feel? You’re made a particular way, and it’s good.

Call #2: Faith - "We Believe... Even When We Don't See"

Sometimes it’s hard to keep on trucking when we feel like we’re stuck in a spiritual fog or haze. Or when things really hit the fan. But faith is the quiet voice that carries us onwards, not just into the tunnel, but through it.

Call #3: Hope "Becoming a Dreamer Again"

All of us dreamed when we were little kids. But somehow, life robbed us of that wonder and expectation of absolute fantabulousness. We want to rediscover and give ourselves permission to dive back into the dream again. We want to breathe life into our dreams and dreams into our lives.

Call #4: Love - "Perfect Love Casts Out Fear"

Love isn’t a feeling, or a state of being, it’s a choice and a verb. It’s a way of living and a way of engaging with the world around us. It’s not easy, but it’s simple. It’s challenging, but it’s worth it.

The Investment:

I am suggesting an investment of $499 for this program, but I don’t want money to be an obstacle for anyone.

So I’m offering a “pay as you can” or “pay it forward” option, and allowing people to pay in monthly installments.

For people who can afford more, I’m asking them to invest what they believe it is worth upwards of $499.

For others on a more limited budget, I’m asking them to invest $99 (which is less than a monthly gym membership), or to register for the “all in” commitment of $2 and request a scholarship.

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