Releasing & Reconciling Spiritual Trauma: June 24, 2018

Join us Sunday, June 24, from 1-4 PM at The Relational Center

Maybe you grew up embedded in the religious context. Maybe you joined later in life.

More than likely, along the way, something happened that colored what had started as an inspiring and awe-inducing experience. And if it was significant enough, perhaps you joined the ranks of the “Dones” – those people who are just “Done” with church, with institutionalized religion.

And you wished that leaving made it all better. But unfortunately, you find yourself triggered sometimes. Maybe it’s when a preacher or religious leader opens their mouth on the public square. Maybe it’s little things like wondering if you still can celebrate the birth of the baby Jesus at Christmas, or if you’re still allowed to pray. Maybe it’s a longing inside you to recover a spiritual practice.

But something is holding you back. Every time you try to reach out, there’s this splinter embedded in your heart. You need a witness to this pain and longing that is in the deepest parts of your being.

And you wish someone could come along, see it, and say, “Wow, I’m so sorry that’s there. Let me help. Let me be a witness to this pain and try to make it better instead of making it worse.”

This workshop is for you.

This is an opportunity to speak your truth, be authentically heard, and receive a confession and apology from a religious leader.

This is also an opportunity to re-imagine your spiritual journey in freedom and inspiration, rather than out of obligation and exhaustion.

This is your chance to Let Go of the pain that burdens you so you can walk forward into spiritual abundance.

Have questions? Send us an email at [email protected]

We do not charge for this workshop, however donations will be accepted onsite via cash, check, or credit card. If you wish to make a donation in advance, please do so at our “Make An Investment” page.

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