Think of this as your sanity, your daily encouragement, your collective of like-spirited folk who get you and what you're trying to do.

This is an investment in your spiritual health. Treat it as one.
Study after study show us that spiritual practice correlates to greater happiness and health - both short and long term. Spiritually oriented people have deeper structures for meaning-making and creating sense out of chaos. This is more valuable than your gym membership or buying organic food. 

This changes everything.

If you have a friend that you want to include, bring them along. We want this to be a meaningful cohort of people doing the inSpirational work of learning to drink deeply of our own wells.

This space... it's your toolkit.

You get access not just to the all of the benefits of the rich community we're building.

Sound too good to be true? I promise you... it's not.

And for the first 36 to sign up?

As a celebration of the Jewish number for life ("Chai"), I'm offering 36% off (double Chai - or twice life) per month for the first year. That puts your monthly cost just over a dollar a day for regular soul and spiritual care and building out a spiritual network.

If, after the first year, you think it's worth more, you can continue for $59 per month (or pay quarterly or yearly for a discount).

If you don't believe it's worth it, you can keep your price of $36 for as long as you participate.

Doo You feel like Someone who helps others find their way?

Wanna know more about what we're up to?

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I'm excited about what we are up to, and I think - if you're here - you are also!

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